If Only You Are A Teacher

This is a completely random post for the day. I have been a teacher tutor for more than 10 years and its an amazing journey when most people around me remain young while myself getting older. 

My passion to be a great teacher has always been there, started teaching students and now i have to teach my team of teachers/tutors and lead my amazing team of managers. 

For those who are considering jumping into the teaching field, you will find this post interesting. For those who are already in the field, you will find it refreshing. 

If only you are a teacher ....

you will experience ...
 they will steal your phone and then try to take funny selfie with your head in it. 
I think they are trying to poke a finger at my face and another slapping me

if the experiment involves 'fire' and 'explosion' they will be super excited
this experience is scientifically exhilarating 
try butane gas and detergent water

they will always take a random pictures of me at any angle
they can and try to be a professional
and laugh at the pictures they took at the end

they are always happy ..... reminds me of minions here..

 they will also try to stuffed all their big head into the small camera of my iphone

 and they force you to take selfie with them .. 
i try to act cute but totally failed here

they will also whatsapp me random pictures of myself on youtube
saying 'wa teacher, this video is helpful pls post more' 

at the end of the day, they score outstanding results 
and that's what it all matters

mums sending me lovely thank you messages 
which gives you a good perspective of what i did 
and what i can do more  

and also they want us to stick around 
to help their sons and daughter in the future.

If only you are a teacher...

Thank you to all the dedicated teachers out there who has been helping weak students to become stronger and stronger students to become great. I believe they are many great teachers out there that we have not heard of, nevertheless, you are an amazing soul who has changed the world by changing the students you teach. 

Thank you teacher


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