Change of IGCSE Syllabus from 2015

There are many changes to the syllabus for all subjects for year of 2015 onwards for International School Syllabus IGCSE. For those who are taking their examinations in 2016 please be very clear of which papers you are taking and which subtopics are added into the syllabus. Make sure your teacher and tutor are fully aware of the change of syllabus and there will be no surprises during the paper itself. 

I will briefly explain the changes for Sciences which includes IGCSE Physics Chemistry Biology

#1.  Format of Papers
It will change to Paper 2 Paper 4 and Paper 6. Most of the students who are currently taking sciences IGCSE for now are in the advanced level (not core) are taking Paper 1 Paper 3 Paper 6 in Malaysia International Schools. What does all these means? CIE has decided to increase the difficulty of the papers whereby students will be taking Paper 2 and Paper 4 which has higher difficulty than Paper 1 and Paper 3. Paper 1 and Paper 3 IGCSE will be reserved for students taking core. 
i upload this because some people commented below my information is inaccurate.
please do research and some people really need to stop calling themselves experts.

#2. Changes in Syllabus 
I find the new IGCSE Syllabus 2015 is more complete and will prepare students better for their university and colleges. Please do make sure your tutors and teachers are using the latest syllabus to prepare you for the 2016 Examinations.

1>For the complete IGCSE syllabus change pls go to CIE website, click here

click on the pdf download on the right

2>For complete IGCSE syllabus for each subject just Google for it. It will look something like this by the CIE official board.

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  1. Noooo!! I have to give my bio and physics paper in 2016 :O

  2. this mr.sai mun, pls check ur facts and read the syllabus thorougly. paper 2 and paper 4 are for CORE papers. Do you understand the difference between CORE and EXTENDED? DONT GIVE MISLEADING INFO! paper 1 & paper 3 are still for Extended and they are more difficult, NOT the paper 2 and paper 4!

  3. pls la do your research before bragging here. The new syllabus is for 2015 preparing students for IGCSE examination of 2016 and beyond. pls click here mr 'anonymous' . you should really attend the latest IGCSE basic training workshop

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