IGCSE May/June 2015 Exam Timetable for Malaysia

updated on 20th Jan 2015, pls check back for more updates

The Cambridge International Schools IGCSE May/June 2015 for Malaysia starts from 28th April 2015 to 12 June 2015, here's the timetable for IGCSE 2015 with the more popular subjects among Malaysian International IGCSE Schools students. 

28 April 2015, Tuesday
start of IGCSE Examination

5 May 2015, Tuesday
Geography P1
Malay (Read & Write)
First Language English (
English as a Second Language (
Read & Write)
6 May 2015, Wednesday
 History P1
 Combined Science (Practical) P6
 Co-ordinated Science (Practical) P6
Physics (Practical) P6

7 May 2015, Thursday
 Mathematics (Without Coursework) P2
Biology (Practical) P6

8 May 2015, Friday 
Geography P2
First Language English (Writing and Composition)
English as a Second Language (Listening)

11 May 2015, Monday
Mathematics P4
12 May 2015, Tuesday
Chemistry (Practical) P6

13 May 2015, Wednesday
 Business Studies P1

14 May 2015, Thursday
 Biology P1 P3

18 May 2015, Monday
Chemistry P1 P3
19 May 2015, Tuesday
Geography P4
Mandarin Chinese (Listen & Write)

20 May 2015, Wednesday
 Combined Science P1 P3
Co-ordinated Science P1 P3 

Physics P1 P3
22 May 2015, Friday
 Mandarin Chinese (Directed Writing and Composition)

Other IGCSE Subjects

1 June 2015, Monday
 History P2

2 June 2015, Tuesday
 Sociology P2
Business Studies P2


8 June 2015, Monday
 Accounting P1

Environmental Management P1
9 June 2015, Tuesday
Additional Mathematics P1

Environmental Management P2
10 June 2015
Accounting P2

11 June 2015
 Additional Mathematics P2

All The Best! Just do a few more past year questions

For the full timetable with all IGCSE subjects by official CIE Website click HERE


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