IGCSE Examination Registration Date 2015

I believe there are many private candidates in Malaysia who are planning take the IGCSE Examinations on their own. You can do this by registering with British Council Malaysia and they will direct you to the nearest examination location.

A. You can check the list of registration dates here:

British Council Malaysia IGCSE Examination Registration

B. You should know:

#1. Don't Miss The Registration Deadlines
The registration date will usually be announced later and if you miss the registration dateline, you have to wait for another 6 months to take the papers. So, its good to have a gauge of the time intervals using previous registration dates. 

For May/June 2014 its from 6th January 2014 to 20th February 2014

For Oct/Nov 2014 its from 19th July 2014 to 7th August 2014

#2. How Much It Will Cost You
It ranges from RM 600 to RM 1000 per subject depending on the subjects you are taking. Its cheaper when you are taking the exam under a school. The tables below might give you a better idea of how it works:

British Council IGCSE May/June 2013 registration form 

Sri Emas Schools IGCSE Examinations Fees Oct/Nov 2014

#3. IGCSE or Ed-Excel
Most of my students from international schools throughout the city are doing IGCSE Examinations. Why? Because IGCSE has more resources in our country which include books and past years questions. The IGCSE prepares students to take the A-Level under the CIE board which is also a rather popular course offered in many Malaysian college. If students do well IGCSE Year 11, I'm sure they can do very well in A-Levels Year 12. 

Ed-Excel is the less popular choice in our country. As far as I know, only the Alice Smith International School are preparing their students under the Ed-Excel system. Ed-Excel, which is also known as Pearson, prepares students for their A-Level Ed-Excel Examinations. So if you are doing Year 11 Ed-Excel, it would be wise to do Year 12 A-Level Ed-Excel instead. Their testing approaches are similar, which is a focus on applications and explanations. 

I strongly recommend IGCSE. 

#4. Changes In The Syllabus 
One good thing about the IGCSE is that they always update and change their syllabus according to real world relevance. This makes the students better equipped to world demand, and  prepares them for the real thing by training them to think.

However, according to my observations, school teachers and tutors are not aware of the changes of the syllabus and papers. If you're a parent or student, you must be very cautious in this matter. I have heard of situations where a female student attended 2 years worth of classes only to learn that it was the wrong, outdated syllabus. She failed the exams. As to my knowledge, the Chemistry papers for 2016 are changing also.

The best way to go about doing this is to find professionals and download the latest syllabus to ensure that you're on the right track

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  1. Is there anywhere else we can register for igcse other than the british council?

    1. Yingbing you can try asking international schools near you.

    2. You can check with Sri Emas, a few of my students have registered with them to take the IGCSE exams and its cheaper than British Council.

  2. Dear Sai Mun..My son is in Yr 11 & he's using Nelson Thornes For physics & chemistry that published in 2009..do u think it's an outdated syllabus?

    1. Don't worry. Physics is always physics as well as chem. Just make sure he goes through the latest IGCSE exam syllabus and do the latest past years and specimen papers for IGCSE.