How to Check SPM Results 2012

The day has come. All your hard work will be reflected on a piece of paper. And some of you winning the classmates sitting next to you is your ultimate mission last year, then this
21st March 2013 Thursday 9 am

will be your judgement day.

Before: Most of you will have sleepless nights from now till 'The Day'

During: 'The Day' Some of you might even cry and tear with happiness and mix with sadness. A few has given up hope and will not face 'The Day' without collecting the result slip and want to avoid it.

After: But its all about you and what you do with the results now.

Here are few ways to check your SPM 2012 Results:
#Option 1.
Go to your high school and collect.

#Option 2.
SMS to 15888
Type : SPM[space]I.C.No[space]CandidateNo
Sample SMS to 15888 : 'SPM 950505141234 MA222B333' 

#Option 3
If you are overseas, just ask your parents/ brother/ sisters/ guardian to collect for you in school. 

Pls do make a few copies of your SPM 2012 slip and get it verified by your school, you will need it for your college applications all the way till you find a job in the future. 

The actual SPM 2012 certificate will be ready about 6 month later, which you can collect from your school. so, wishing you all the best and may good luck shine upon you all SPM 2012 candidates. 

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