IGCSE Student Aiming for World Ranking

We have been coaching Nicole for 12 months before the IGCSE exam in May / June. I remember when i first did an assessment with her, she failed most of the subjects except History and Geography thanks to the devoted school teachers. She is definitely hardworking, but she still fails, this is because she has not learned the A* study techniques required for subjects like Chem, Physics and Add Math.

After coaching her for 3 months, she showed significant improvements.

Mr Austin Lau who taught her Add Math started with her basics and then started to go through each past year questions with her. Slowly she gained momentum and add math became one of her strongest subjects.

We taught her Physics and Chemistry with a different approach, first we went through all the theories, simplified and condensed. Going through topics by topics and sample questions from IGCSE past year papers. We got her ready with a 10 years series of IGCSE past years with marking scheme. Slowly she understood how they will test her in the exam and how to answer the questions the IGCSE way.

Working with a persistent student like her makes our teaching and effort very satisfying.

Nicole Lee is currently studying in UK under a scholarship awarded my one of the prestigious colleges there.
Wishing her all the best and students taking IGCSE can learn from her. 

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  1. Hi..I am gonna have my IGCSE Exam next year July..U said that she had not learned the actual technique for learning pure science and add.maths...May i know the technique bcz i am failing 4 of this subject..I wish 2 get A* but everytime i learned...I am not getting it..I hope u could help me so that i would get an A or A* for this coming IGCSE...Hope to get a reply..

  2. This method really works?