Near to 10 years teaching in PTI Sri Sinar

One of my 1st tuition job is in Sri Sinar PTI also known as Mr Ken's centre. Its always an enjoyable experience teaching students there. They treat me more like a friend than a teacher. We always joke around but lessons are serious and they are all A+ material. Very proud of them.
When ever I look at my jam packed class, I will reflect back in time, how I started with less than 9 students. Building takes time and lots of effort, I felt successful sometimes, but most of the time I felt I have much to learn. We have pledge our lives to lifelong learning.
This will be my last batch here. :( Its a bit sad but well, I believe each individual must find advancement career and networth. From this step onwards, I will focus my energy and time on recruiting talented individuals and mentor them to become one of the greatest teachers in our century.
Teaching is my greatest passion, so I will still be teaching in Menjalara, Kota Damansara and others.
Success depends on the knowledge you put in your mind. So learn as much as you can and take massive actions.
Mr Sai Mun
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