States Trial Papers SPM 2011

Finally I've got the States Paper for SPM 2011 printed out and compiled professionally for my students. Its about 30 days till the 1st day of SPM, so its exactly one month for them to complete it and they will be all ready for the 'Big' Exam. Thanks to all the generous teachers, tutors and students who are willing to share the documents.

We do not make profit of out it. 

Sorry we have to stressed the 'profit' part a bit more this time, cause many accused us of making profit from this. We do not make profit and we left a master copy at a few bookshops for any students to pick it up for a minimum photocopying price of 5 sens per page or less. 

colour coded & binded 

complete with marking schemes

For students of Other States: you can call Mr Yap from KeNi Printshop. He has agreed to print and sent out to other states for a small fee. Please sms/call to 017 349 1512

All the best in SPM 2011
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