Busy Busy Bee

Its been a busy busy 14 days = 2 weeks = 1/2 a month. The task set out for me was clear but to complete each task perfectly and effectively is quite a challenge. The list of 'Mr Sai Mun' tasks are:
#1. Long List of Chemi & Physics Notes Order from the whole Malaysia
We are surprised to have orders pouring in from Johor, Sabah & Sarawak.
We need to take orders - check accounts - print.compile.bind - sms - deliver it out as quickly as possible. We are releasing a new version(v3.0) end of April 2011.
If you would like to order, please
click here.
#2. International Year of Chemistry(IYC) 2011 at Sri KDU Secondary School
We need to motivate and guide students to build 3D posters and 3D models related to the theme 'Water' and to be put on display on Open Day. Have to recruit a team of strong students to build and manage the exhibits. Luckily we worked together and the results are magnificient.

#3. Need to teach effectively in each of my tuition classes. Ensuring my students receive maximum learning and motivating them to score A+ for the subjects. Notes need to be upgraded and refine each lesson. The students results and interested in the subject are my highest priorities.

#4. This is the easy one. 'Yam Cha' as in 'Minum Teh' as in 'Have a cup of tea'
Typical malaysian culture: we go mamak and order our favourite Teh, Roti or Nasi Lemak.
The picture above was taken at Nasi Kayu Kandar Original at Kota Damansara with the fella holding a 4 feet tall 'Roti Tissue' and my Milo Kosong Ais next to it. :)

Be passionate about what you do and you will truly live your life

Life as a teacher can also be great sometimes :)

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