Rust is Not Poisonous

We are moving into the rusting topic soon, and it was bothering me whether rust is toxic?

Many told us:
Don't step on a rusted nail, or you'll get 'tetanus' and die
Don't use it cos rust is poisonous and it kills you
Rust can cause cancer, so use stainless steel instead...

the notes for rusting and
'Paul Frank' is added for the fun of it.
Help them advertise a bit : )

Rusted nails, Rust = Iron(III) Oxide = Reddish brown surface

Rust it not toxic and its definitely not poisonous. Iron(III) oxide although looks very deadly on the surface of iron nails, but its not dangerous to humans. They actually use Iron(III) oxide in lipstick, ever wonder how they get the red and brown colour on lipstick. And if you google it, there are people who actually ate rusted irons and they are still alive.

Tetanus has nothing with rust. Tetanus is a caused by a bacteria called C Tetani and the faint relationship between tetanus and rust has been explained in Wikipedia.

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