Aiyo, Tak De Elektrik La

Its Saturday around 4.30pm,
i was just finishing my physics form 4 and starting add math form 4...
Pop!... suddenly everything turns dark .... ishh... no electric

checked the main switchbox (all your electric are centralised here)

checking for hours... sweating for hours... and finally

one broken ELCB(left) and one burned Ballast (right)

ELCB - Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, this component would cut off the electric when it detects current overflowing. ugly but saves millions of life.

Ballast - You can find it in all your fluorescent light, the main cause of the whole mess.
burned ballast that was super hot and smells like burning tyres

replaced the broken stuff and the electric was back ON Sunday 11.30am
paid the electrician a few hundred..

and problem solved

then when i switched on the lights .. i saw some funny drawings on the board,
young people nowadays can draw even the dark huh...

naughty.. but creative


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