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Newsflash: The STAR/ 7,987 students got As in all the subjects they took; 214 of those students scored above 90pc in all their subjects.

11.00am: The 1st sms i received is from Khing Yuan, 9A+, 1A and 1A-. .... (Congrats 'son' its a Straight As Results)

11.15am: Gabriel walk in with A+ Add Math A Physics B Chemistry...(he's a miracle worker but a naughty one)
11.17am: Shaun, A+ for Chemistry and Physics, Tatt Kitt: A+ Chem, Choon Ming A Physics, Rowena Chem A+,
11.18am: Yong Shiong Chem A,
11.26am: 2nd sms, Har Lyn Yu Physics A+...
11.29am: 3rd sms, Wan Ru 10 A+, 1 A, C+, A1 for 1119...
11.39am: 4th sms, Shwu Lynn Add Math B, Physics B+....
11.42am: 5th sms, Jia Hui Chem A+, Add Math A+, Physics A. 10As 1B
11.48am: 6th sms, Jing Li Chem A+, Physics A. 9As 1B
12.01pm: Jian Yi, Physics A+... 10As., 2B+
12.15pm: Jac, Physics A+, Chem A+, Add Math A+... 8A+, 2A, 1B+ ....(still 10As mah, dun be sad ya)
12.42pm: Ven Han, Chem A+
1.16pm: Tiffani, Chem A+... 7A+, 3A... 10As
1.24pm: Min Zhao, Add Math A+, Chem A, Physics A-, ...9As 3Bs
1.35pm: Gilbert, Add Math A, Physics A, .. chem sigh..
2.24pm: Jungle, Physics A-, Chem A-, Add Math A- ....
3.15pm: Huan Kind, Add Math A+, Physics and Chem A-
4.25pm: Iris, Science A-
4.44pm: Boon Sin, Chem A+, Add Math A+, Physics A-....8As 3Bs
4.58pm: Dick Shen, 11A+, 1A
6.53pm: Khai Yarn, Physics A+, Add Math A+.....10As
11.30pm: Sinrong, Physics A+, Add Math A+, Chemi A+....9A+ 2As.... 11As
11.35pm: Jia Mei,
Physics A+, Add Math A+, Chemi A+ ....9A+ 2As.... 11As
11.36pm: Ee Shan,
Physics A+, Add Math A+, Chemi A+ ....9A+ 2As.... 11As (same results for all 3)
sorry if i miss your name here...
Congratulations to all of you! Your hard work and the extra tuition hours with us and complementing the efforts by your school teachers has finally pay off. All the best young man and young ladies.


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  1. not sad la...teacher...at least ur subs are the those i want to persue in future and i got it cemerlang tertinggi^^jac

  2. i'm the first o?haha... thx for your guidance too xD

  3. ya. you are the 1st one who informed me. thanks so much.. and you r most welcome. such a privileged to teach you and a group of talented and unique students

  4. haha..thx for praising us xD v feel proud too ^^