Repetition is the Secret to Memorising

Many times, many subjects that we learn requires good memory. But what do you mean by good memory? Does that mean a person is born with it? Does that mean he/she trains her mind to memorise better? Why your friend can remember so many things and you can't? The fact is people with better memory does better in their studies and career.

The secret is REPETITION. Keep on repeating it.

Repeating it visually: Look at the pictures/diagrams over and over again.
Repeating it with actions: Keep re-writing the phrase OR Keep re-drawing the diagram
Repeating it audibly: Hearing the same thing over and over again.

Its just one of the habits to being an A+ students. For example, they;
1. do a lot of practice. Re-writing the answers and re-calculating similar questions making it crytal clear in the mind
2. go through my notes and reference books over and over again. You do not need to read every word, but scanning through the pages repeatly creating a strong visual image in your brain

If you play computer games and you are very good at it, you've definitely experience the power of REPETITION. You keep repeating the same map or level until you win it. Its the exact same strategy, the difference is, you have to wait for the results for a longer period of time and you have classmates to compete with.
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