Priceless Local Treasure

It was the best year end holiday i ever had. It was like an adventure to find the hidden treasures in Malaysia. With no plans at all i ended up in KL Skyline, Tanjung Sepat, Morib, Genting Highlands, Banting, Aquaria, Sunway Lagoon, Mushroom Farm, Ipoh, Strawberry Farm and many more.

Location 1: Sunway Lagoon
Promised by two nephews i'll bring out every holiday. I guess promises has to be kept. Didn't know Sunway Lagoon can be so much fun, now they have many parks and many more rides. We started with Extreme Park with a good experience of 'Flying Fox' and 'All Terrain Vehicle, ATV'. The Water Park was nice with some fast water rides and some relaxing and yet fun rides.

Visited the Dolphin and Sea Lion show right outside Sunway Pyramid. Dolphin lovers, this is a must go :)

Location 2: Tanjung Sepat
Didn't know this place exist since a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, its very famous among locals and Singaporeans. Its only 1.5 hours away from KL City.

The mushroom farm. This place practically plant many types of mushroom. The picture on top is Ling Zhi, heard it can be a good medicine.

The popular 'Pao' place. When we were there, an auntie ordered 100 'Pao's to be taken away. Wah liao.. how many person is she planning to feed. Look at how it is crowded up at the door.

We manage to try the all time popular 'Shang Yuk Pao'. Sorry non-halal :) For those who likes soft and lots of 'skin' kinda 'Pao', this is definitely the place for you to go.

Lover's Bridge. Didn't see lovers that day but a lot of families there. ha ha. Maybe the couples will come out hugging at night. The seafood nearby this old wooden bridge was quite good and very reasonable price.

Lovers Bridge, Mum and Daugthers Love and sometimes the maid too : )

Longan Farm. Its quiet now, they told us its not the season yet.

manage to find ourselves some longan. Cannot eat, see only. sigh.

Location 3: Morib Beach
Its only 15 minutes from Tanjung Sepat and the beach is filled with millions and millions of little crabs. What a surprise!

The red patches on top are all tiny crabs and this is only a smart part of the beach.
No worries they don't bite, they just dig a hole and run into it when you run after them.

Sunset didn't happen that day, but the sight and experience is still very beautiful

Location 4: Aquaria KLCC and KLCC Sky Bridge
An aquarium in the middle of the city. Remember to bring your 'Touch N Go' for discounts and skip the long long line of queue.

Man Eating Piranha. If you are going, should check out their feeding time. We manage to see the feeding of 'Araipama' fish, the type of fish that eat Monkeys and its longer than a Form 3 student.

Electric Eel and Electric Fish.
I wonder how it feels like to be electricuted by one of them.

I always wonder how it feels like to put your hands into a tank of worms and millipede. Finally i get to try it out. Its not so scary by the way, they are pretty dry and so, its not gross at all. I had lots of fun with this and won myself an Aquaria CD.

KLCC Skybridge unsuccessful. Woke up at 7.00am to get the ticket for the bridge that connects both KLCC Building. The picture above is 8.30am at the entrance, and the security guard said 'Sudah habis, datang esok'. sigh.

Location 5: Strawberry Farm Genting Highlands and Bentong Ice Cream
Now, you do not have to go to Cameron Highlands to check out Strawberry Farm, its now right at the foothill of Genting Highlands. Free entry and you can pluck your own strawberry for only RM 8 for 100g. They have mushroom farm, sprout farm and orchid farm in it.

we actually tried plucking the strawberries, a must try experience.

or you can buy a box for only RM 15 :)

beautiful sprouts.

another hidden treasure is this ice cream shop. only 20 minutes away from Genting Highland foothill. They sell homemade ice-cream for more than a decade. Sultans, Super-star, Artist, Food Magazines, Bloggers, and Mr Sai Mun visited this place before. lol.

Jumbo Home Made Ice Cream. Peanut, Banana and Coffee flavour for only RM 6.

A good cup of 'Latte and Tea' at Genting Highlands Coffee Bean is always the best.
They have this new place where they sell Asia items, stuff from Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and many more.


Schools and Tuition has started, i guess its back to the job i love as a Educator - Entrepreneur. ermm EE : )
till then.. Happy New Year 2010

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