He's a Top Student and He's Not Nerdy

After many years of teaching, i felt very privileged to have taught many bright students who has so much potential in them and the only thing i need to do is to inspire them and show them the right direction and they'll fly. Hope this post will inspire you too.
A lot of people thinks that to be smart and to be a top student you must be nerdy and wear thick spectacles. Not anymore. Let me introduce Jing Hui, he's one of my students in MOSS, started with average grades in my class and slowly he gain momentum in Form 5 and he worked really hard 2 months before SPM. I told him i would like to write a post about him and he enthusiastically agreed to assist.

1. Top 5 of achievements
1. Securing the JPA scholarship
2. Securing the School Achievers Scholarship Award from HELP University College
3. Champion of the Taylor's Business Plan Competition 2009
4. Scoring 12 1A in SPM, 7As in PMR, 5As in UPSR [clean sweep]
5. Vice-President of Tennis Club and School Tennis Champion and state-level representative, Secretary of Chess Club, Deputy Head of Discipline Prefect
mr sai mun: A full scholarship can save more than RM 300, 000 of your parents money.

2. Your "Secret" study techniques
I ensure that I'm having fun while studying. Fun could be dating, playing sports, computer games,
meeting girlfriends alongside studying in my daily schedule. Therefore I will not feel as if I'm pressured to study but am actually studying because I want to. Besides, I believe life is not entirely about studying hence I love to do what I like and also try to gain lots of extra knowledge

Another techniques is I prefer to study smart rather than study hard blindly. Memory work is not my style. I always use my own words together with the key points to express my answer. Never have I memorised any entire book.

I rather read and copy answers compared to doing exercises without really knowing what's the right answer. Then, I would be doing double work as you do the exercise, check answers and write the correct answer. I rather just read and copy the answers into the empty spaces below questions. Very effective for me in college and SPM level. Also good for my lazy self.
mr sai mun: read and copy answers to the front of the workbook while understanding. Very Very Effective

3. What you want to do in the future?
I aim to secure my Accounting and Finance degree from an Australian university beginning from next year onwards as well as complete a Professional Accounting qualification. Then, I would move on to management and not audit nor financial accounting. I would aim to move up the corporate ladder and hopefully achieve my dream of being the CEO of a multinational company. Alongside my CEO duties, perhaps I would also set up my own consultancy firm regarding my areas of expertise. Millionaire by 30 is also my dream.
mr sai mun: Reach for the Stars and you'll reach the Moon. Reach for the Sky and you'll be on Ground Zero

The next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet
mrsaimun: count me in as the 1st investor

4. What do you like to do to burn time?
a) I love watching movies at the theaters
b) I love computer games
c) Clubbing- the loud music and the drinks as well as dancing at clubs is fun
d) Going online, reading to gain new information,
Facebook-ing, chatting online
e) Playing futsal, football, tennis, badminton
f) Drinking coffee at Starbucks
g) Reading fiction novels, car magazines and politics.
h) Meeting new people.
mr sai mun: most probably he meant getting to know all the hot girls in college : )

we can see Jing Hui is very popular among the girls

5. What's are the 5 things you remember in Mr Sai Mun tuition class?
1. The most essential study technique i picked up from Sai Mun's class is to purchase of lots of workbooks and doing questions by copying answers into the blanks.
2. The clarity of his explanations along with slices of humour and jokes kept our attention to his classes.
3. Mr Sai Mun's notes can be summed into three Bs. Brief, Best, Brilliant. Indeed they are great for last minute reading and cramming if you like.
5 Very cold Air Cond
mr sai mun: conclusion is Techniques, Jokes, Notes, Sweets, Air Con .... simple but important

for Jing Hui's msn & facebook: jhchan29@hotmail.com
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  4. teacher,that's one more potential student too...

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