Exam Tips

All of you must be wondering why mr Sai Mun is not giving tips? aren't he the tips guy? : )

You do not need me to give you tips, the State Trial Paper Tips are so easy to get. You can get the questions and answers so easily. I'm sure many of you got SMSes and all before the paper. Some of my students got the whole paper and memorise the objective answers before going into exam.

Some where unlucky and their teacher changed the exam paper and thus they left the paper blank and slept for 2 hours in the exam hall.

My advice to all of you, study what you can study, try to memorise all you can, then at the last minute then you look at the tips. It will be good for your SPM. Look at it long term ya : )

I need to continue with my streams and streams of extra classes loh... all the best you all.

I will not be giving state papers tips but you ....Stay tuned for SPM tips : )
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