Mr. Sai Mun's Events

Last weekend was packed with events. Events that were filled with joy, streams of laughter, a little pinch of sadness and definitely an excitement. Humans celebrates, we need to celebrate, celebration is motivate ourselves to go further. To seek out the uncertain. 1 Farewell Party - 1 Birthday Party - 1 Concert

The Farewell Party (a little pinch of sadness)

Friday Afternoon: Mr. Jonathan Shaw is leaving the Sri KDU International Baccalaureate(IB) programme. He has travel the world teaching and running schools. We will miss his British English and definitely his energy to reach out to every single soul in the program. Btw, he's the only 'botak' in whole teaching staff.

That's him in the black coat and giving a speech.

All jumble up together, IB teaching staff, Librarians, Administrative Staff and Maintanence Buddies.
The Birthday Party (Lots of Fun and Laughter)

Saturday Night: Its Hwei Ling's 17th Birthday Party held at her house with tonnes of food and many many friends. She not only the SMKB Marching Music Band Captain but also an outstanding student in her studies. I receive an unofficial invitation and after a long stretch of persuasian by my students i decided i have to go.
That's the birthday girl. Hwei Ling.
Happy Face all night long. from left: Khing Yuan, Jac, Hwei Ling, Sim Cheng, Fish, Wan Ru, Ju Ynn, Kai Chi, Ipoh Guy, Mong Ting

Hwei Ling(suddenly so serious) and Mr. Sai Mun.
I took a lot of pictures that night, but (sigh) the location is too dark, so most photos are either blur or too dark. So sad.
The Concert (Lots of Excitement and Energy)
Sunday Night: Edmund of SMART Ara Damansara invited us to watch his drum performance in Dream Centre Petaling Jaya. Its a concert 'LOUD 2009' organised by a church. We are amazed by the side of the auditorium and the whole concept of the place. We've been told about 2800 person attended the event.
Check out the size of the auditorium and the size of the stage
Edmund is in one with the white and black drums. Its actually water pails. : )

More updates on exam techniques soon...
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