Physics Form 5 Mid_Year Exam Tips

There are few things that you must focus on
Paper 2
Structured Questions
Q4. Interference of wave with calculations and draw pattern of diffraction
Q5. Calculation using V=IR and P=VI, explaination of energy and parallel connections
Q6. Electromagnetic Induction, Len'z law, Find direction

Essay Questions
Section A
Q1. Choose the most suitable transmission cable/wire for electricity transfer - table
Section. B
Q3. How to modify the bay/cape of a seaside so that its safer - wave
Q4. Explain the difference/benefits of parallel and series circuits.

Paper 3.
Section A
Q1. Take readings of voltmeter/ammeter
Q2. Graph question on internal resistance
Section B (choose 1)
Q3. Factors that affects the resistance of wires
Q4. Investigate the factors of strength of electromagnet.

What's been going on lately :)
Mr. Sai Mun: student1.. its good to know u can do 15 May 09, 15:23student1: but Q4 got no graph,just only calculate acceleration and displacement ,ty u so much Sai Mun!!!! 15 May 09, 15:21student1: lol! tq Sai Mun so much,Q1,Q2,Q4,Q6...out in my mid-year test...and essay is Modification for Car Safety and Impulsive Force,ty u so much!!! 15 May 09, 10:46
Mr. Sai Mun: student1, after ur exams then u know. 14 May 09, 23:46
student1: how do you know all the tips lol Sai Mun 14 May 09, 18:57student1: Sai Mun...pls reply...we are waiting for you^^14 May 09, 17:49JiaSin: tat physics n chemistry d tips real bo?? 14 May 09, 17:13student1: hi...i am from ipoh,and having mid year exam now,are u sure the physic form 4 tips for mid year are totally same as my school?(st.michael)
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