Mr. Sai Mun reaching out to The World

When you go for exams, you've a grade you wanted to score. When you start your career, you've an ambition you wanted it to realize. Its the same, when i started a website or blog, i wanted people to read it and benefit from it. What's the point of writing a blogpost when there's no one reading? Might as well keep it in yourself.
Check this out ...

2640 visits in 1 month and 2,247 from the whole Malaysia
and 144 from United States

The highest hits in 1 day is 194 visits
The number of visits to my blog really mean something to me. Its motivates me to continue blogging and making my post more impressive than the last one. Making small but positive impact to our complicated human world.
Thank you to all readers from Malaysia, United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada, UK and India
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  1. first time checking out your site. Congratulations !! What an achievement... Looking forward on your upcoming posts.

  2. Hey sai mun,
    sorry that haven't reply your mail yet. I was busy with my studies and working in the club during the weekend. Will reply you these few days.

    Anyways, mind linking me in your blog too.. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the support klcitizen

  4. Hi Queenie, may i have your blog address. The last time i check your blog it was private.


    This is my blog link...