Where to go after Form 5?

Every year you guys will ask me, what to do after SPM? What should i study after Form 5? There are many options for Malaysians nowadays. From my experience in teaching Pre-U in Taylors College Subang and now teaching IB in Sri KDU, maybe i can give a short summary of the Pre-Us and how you go about deciding what to study.
Pre-U or Pre-University Programmes includes A-levels, SAM, CPU, ADP, IB and Form 6.

UK syllabus, takes 2 years of your time, long and boring. Believe to be recognise all over the world. The truth is, all the Pre-U i stated below can be used as entrance to all universities in this small Earth.

aka South Australian Matriculation takes 1 year, very
easy and all the materials are easily available such as revision text and past examinations question. 30 percent internal assessment and 70% finals.

aka Canadian Matriculation Programme takes 1 year, super super easy because its all internal assessment and 30% from the finals. For those who are not very strong at their studies and wanted to stroll pass their Pre-U this is the best options.


aka International Baccalaureate Diplome Programme, takes 2 years and it will train you up to be more than ready for Universities thesis and your career. It will be a very busy year, but it will be very good to bring up a person as a whole.

My suggestion is if you already know want to you wanted to be go straight to the foundation year and not waste time with these Pre-U's. If you can't decide yet, study SAM which is faster and easier. If you have a tight budget and wanted at least a degree choose Form 6. Always ask your parents to tell you the truth whether they have the required budget for you to finish the whole degree course.
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