Stick Man+Stick Boy+Stick Girl = Physics101

Updates: STPM results will be out at 12 noon next Tues (March 10).
In Mr Sai Mun's Physics Tuition Lessons you can always see sticks. Not to beat you up when you are chatting away with your friends but on the white board. Most of the time a thin stick man, sometimes fat, some with funny hair and big round eyes.
Flatten Stick Man: He's teaching about Calibration of Thermometer and Thermocouple thermometer. That's his right arm btw = )
Long Hair Stick Girl: aka in Cantonese 'Bak Fat Moh Lui', how heat capacity affect sea breeze and land breeze. Don't miss the tortoise and ikan bilis.

Stick Man Upgrade: Domo Monster in the chapter Optics and Light whereby you need to draw the ray-diagram of an Microscope. Tiny Domo to Big Domo to Giant Domo

Very rare he draws his 'artistics' stick men on a notebook. The drawing above has so many physics applications: Big Knife-Pressure, Kamikaze Jumper-Impulsive Force, Parachute-Gravity and Air Resistance, Bird-Bernoulli's Principle, Smoking-Density and ....

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  1. haha. i should have taken all the pictures that uve been drawing for the yestermonths. more to ur collection lau cher' do i get the spelling right? ahahah!

    I LOVE U!