Malaysians should consider Singapore Polytechnics

It was a year ago when one of my students told me about Singapore Polytechnics. Singapore actually recruit Malaysians students to join their prestigious tertiary education. Singapore's NUS (Nanyang University Singapore) is rank 30th in the world and 4th in Asia. It's just so sad our Malaysian Universities are no where in the Top 100. Even South Korea, Seoul University is rank 50th.
Log on to Singapore Polytechnics Website or directly go to the for 'SPM holders' page.

and make sure you check out the tuition grant scheme for students. I heard Singapore will fully sponsor your tuition fees. Why not?

so go get yourself a degree.

For the past 3 years, JPA and Petronas are taking in more chinese students. Many of my students have received full sponsorship from JPA and Petronas. Congratulations. For those who has just received their SPM results, just go and try it out eventhough your results are not straight A1's. If unsuccessful, try Taylors and HELP.
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  1. Guys and gals, please be clear that you get a diploma when you graduate after 3 years in any polytechnic in Singapore, not a degree.

    Many diploma students then go on to apply to universities. Some universities give first year exemption.