receptionist at SMASH
- full time(RM 900) / part time(RM 5/hr)
- commision up to RM 500
- working hours from 2.00pm to 10.00pm on weekdays & 10.00am to 5.00pm on weekends
- transport can be arranged

teaching assistant in Menjalara
- part time (RM 8-1o/hr)
- guide students with their extra tuition work
- math and add math

professional tutor
- part time (RM 10 - 50/hr)
- have at least 2 years teaching experience
- can conduct classes up to 20 students

you can contact me directly or 016-222 4865 (Kenny)
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  1. hi,

    I'm actually just taken my SPM results,i'm considering to get a part time job as a teaching assistant in Menjalara as posted in your blog so that i can have extra classes with those money i earned.May i know is the post still available?I'm going to the JPA interview next week,but before I can comfirmed whether i'm short-listed or not,I'm going to take STPM,so most probably i will be free in the evening or at night.My number is 0193299577.Thanks