Mr Sai Mun's SWEETS

MOSS: I've been teaching for many years now in Menjalara, and the 1st conversation when my ex-students sees me is 'You still give out FREE sweets are your place?'. sigh.. i guess the only thing they remember are those sweets not my teaching. Haiz....

Most of them can eat(some swallow i guess) about 10 to 15 sweets per day. Some even try to 'ta bao' to school and use it to court girls. I used to remember a student who can eat 47 fruitplus in 1 lesson and its a very thin girl = ) we called her 'Bandaraya'

It also cheers up the place a little. Add some colour in it
Always leave the wrapper back .. sigh
Sometimes i just put one BIG 'tong'
actually 2 Big 'tong'
The latest TOY ... what is it for? = ) Poking, Pointing, Body Itch .....
Stress relief... more effective when shaken.

The elixirs for long hours of tuition Or they sometimes just stare at the Snoopy's like a Zombie. I've remembered there are 12 of them. 1 missing. Wei, return it la.
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