Physics Test - International Baccalaureate

PHYSICS TEST Higher Level & Standard Level

When this picture was taken, most probably they are thinking about:-
1. Bloody Einstein, think of all this kinda funny things
2. Mr Sai Mun didn't say this is coming out also
3. Photoelectric effect? photons? E=hf? why can't they use simple English ..
4. It's there some where in my brain. Think THink THINK!!!

Physics is never easy, especially college physics where you need to understand the concept to master the subject. By just finding answers for each exam questions is never enough. They always have some other approach to test your understanding on the concept. Its not SPM anymore, NOW you need to take up the college physics book and read it and understand it and THINK!. Sheer memorising will only lead to failure.

It will be very sad to see the IB guys lose their Petronas scholarship. So remember its 99% persistence and 1% talent to be successful.
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