BANG! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! The mechanical sound of the space shuttle was blaring monotonously, John and Jane were the only ones left after an intense encounter with an extra-terrestrial, it wiped out most of us in a swoop by draining our life force away from us, literally. Bullets and lasers would not work on it, swords and knives would just pass right through it, radial blast would just disfigure it but not obliterate it.

John and Jane were reloading the ray gun knowing that it would not work, but it would act as a distraction. The space was not attempted by them, one of them needed to act as a scapegoat, John volunteered. Their plan was to lead it to an escape hatch using their body as a bait, and shoot themselves out into oblivion. However, there was a catch, the space shuttle only had one escape pod, so their plan changed into leading the creature to one of the doors and eject them out into the space.

The scheme was initiated by John, he ran around the space shuttle, heaving as loud as possible, Jane was near him but was breathing through an oxygen mask. The silence was prominent, only breathing sounds were heard throughout the space shuttle, and some clunking metallic sounds, probably made by it.

John's intuition was skeptical about this plan, Jane was stationary, gripped in fear of not surviving this onslaught from it. Moments tarried into an eternity, nothing seemed to happen, John and Jane did not move a fiber of their muscle, waiting patiently for something to happen.

It might have lost its way... Jane thought to convince herself that she would survive. "JANE! BEHIND YOU!" It popped out of nowhere, Jane cowered to the ground, being drained by it, her life force was dissipating with time. John opened fire, it was futile, he knew it. run. Jane mouthed. John ran and blasted open the hatch in order to create a hole for the creature to be sucked into vacuum space.

The pressure sucked out almost everything out of that compartment, I locked myself in another, looking for the hope for it to be gone. It did not. It was not affected by force, it was immovable, what the... I sprinted to the escape hatch, hoping to save my own life. 

Flicking the sphere of hope alive, I did not even look back, it was catching up by tracing signature of my life force. It was hungry, even after devouring the whole crew on this space shuttle. It was desperate, I was too. I hit the eject button, I was out into space, following a path to safety.

Pat. "well played human." It was beside me, its disembodied voice shook me, I flinched, time was just a delaying facet of my death, it got to me eventually. I obediently let it suck my life force out of me, sinking my dead body and it to safety. A major mistake done by me, it will wreck a chaos in the safe place, they were screwed, I did my best, it was superfluous, it was a 'higher' being, we stood no chance at all.

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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