The singular column of fluorescent lights above my seat were flashing intermittently at the office, I sank into my chair, taking a seep of caffeine from my mug. I took a spin on my chair, ruminating about the project on-hand, cogitating deeply. 

Another sip, nothing was left. I got out of my chair reluctantly, took a peek at my watch, 11.30 p.m. and I'm still here. I sighed, I should not have procrastinated... The thought was cut off when the only source of light burst into a sea of detritus, my mug decided to follow suit. I found the wall as my threshold, gripping it with my dear life.

Something is wrong, my intuition tingled, panic was close to overwhelm my conscience. I reached for the nearest power source, flicked it, no response, Shit. I've not save my files, there was no electricity. But, the air-con was still running, it was frigid, the acute cold was different, goosebumps, sinking me into fear.

There was someone, I sensed its footsteps which was as prominent as my palpitating heartbeat. My hands were shaking, quivering in fear that gripped hold of my feeble guts, ready to crush them at any moment. ZAK! The whole office came to life, everything was lit up, it was akin to the morning, hectic as ever, people were rushing here and there as usual.

My stomach was tying knots, the shock was tremendous. A tap from my back, a spark of surprise and fear torn my very conscience apart, a featureless head stared right into me, I cowered, "Who... who... are you?" I stammered, stumbling upon an obstacle, crashing face-first into the floor.

Recovering from the prostration, there a was shard of glass mantled in blood gleaming right in front of my lens. I skimmed through the vicinity, the light was still flashing irregularly, I got up to my feet slowly, the shards were deleterious, I got back to my seat, stared into some of my wounds, 11.31 p.m. Look at the mess you have created...

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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