Clash of Harmonies

The street was crowded with people, rushing to places, head bent low unto their phones. Towering buildings in the concrete jungle conjured a perfect circle for the street performers to evince the spectrum of their talents and hard work. People were still pacing as quick as lightning, not leaving a breather in their walks to stay, to watch, to recognise the presence of the talents.

I wheeled a piano to the nook where I was at every weekend, the piano was electrical which accompanied me for several unfruitful years of into this passion. This weekend, I was not alone, there was another new person who walked up with a electric keyboard, and situated his spot right at the opposite of me.

My heart was palpitating, who is he? I continued setting up my place, connecting the wired to my power source, he was sauntering around with a cigarette at his mouth, the smoke dissipated into thin air, with a sunglasses, and a whole lot of wrinkles, he stood still with his middle-aged body, looking into the bright, cheery afternoon.

The black and white keys were waiting for me to be fabricated with my heart-felt feelings, letting my inner passion ignite in my fingers, burning in the sound of my playing. I ensured the sustaining pedal was working, testing the waters by handing out a few chords. The guy opposite me smudged the cigarette unto the floor, strolled casually to his keyboard, and played a few chords in response, indicating that he wanted to play as an accompaniment.

I nodded, started my piece of classical mixing with a little modern, frantically, harsh, brutal, I let my speed deluged the ears of the crowd, a powerful start, a few of them stopped. The guy played the high treble in semibreve's beat to orchestrate the colours of my piece. More people took up their phones and recorded.

Semibreve to minim, eventually catching up to my demisemiquaver pace, I was losing steam, but I persisted my stand. He prompted me to slow down by playing something astounding at a moderate pace, I became the accompaniment. He stole my spot-light, I was flabbergasted, all written in my playing.

This guy wants a challenge... huh... show me what you got! My speed, dynamics, elegance scaled up by twofold. He stepped up his play nonchalantly, he looked collected, my palms were sweating. Show me how fast you can go. I challenged him with the velocity of my fingers which were reaching the terminal. But, he overpowered me easily, cutting through my playing, overthrowing all the attention to him, the two of us playing, invoked the petrifying stance in the crowd, as if they were watching a fierce battle between two lions, bewildered by the unwarranted vicious harmony created by our clash of talents.

We ended the playing with an interrupted cadence, after half an hour of playing, the crowd was booming, and the tumultuous applause greeted, acknowledged our playing. He removed his sunglasses as he walked to me, stretched out his hand, "You are one of the best pianist I had ever played with."

"Thank you.You beat me obviously. Skill wise." He gave a generous pat unto my back, packed all of his stuffs, and walked away. The next hour was a drastic change to my life, our piano 'duel' went viral online, and he was a renowned pianist, indirectly I was popularised by this incident.

Weaved by: Zeckrom Bryan

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