10 Things Chinese School Kids Would Understand

Ching-chang-dong-ding-dong. Hello, please don't be school-cist, okay? The plight of the Chinese school student is an entirely different situation altogether.

1. Everyone has the same haircut...but we're all individuals, okay?
The typical coconut (for girls) and crew cut hairstyles (for guys) are pretty hard to not spot. But some schools allow their kids to have hair too. But for those of us who aren't, every time we go out it's like "Why does everyone have a furry animal on their head?"

2. We travel like a military troop.
Is it an ant trail? A bee line? Oh, it's just us kids. Going to the science lab.

3. Everyone expects us to be good at mathematics.
This is a lie, okay? Sure, we can do some pretty serious math, but some of us kinda suck at it too.

4. Homework comes in the size of mountains.
You are hard wired to tackle a serious amount of homework. Like the Terminator. We're the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of homework.

5. Them Buildings
Our schools are forever in construction. As if we need another additional block, cause we already have like...five. We might as well be building a mall.

6. Toilets are made for two people.
Of course we don't mean going into the cubicle together (unless you're into that kind of thing). But every toilet session typically includes two people because we're not really into that add maths class. Ugh.

7. Respect my authorateh!
Being in a Chinese school, you're always in complete and total silence during class. We might as well be in the military. We already travel like one anyway.

8. The Asian force is strong.
Kiasu-ness is a real thing people. After exam season, you can bet that some crafty people will be approaching your table and asking, "What did you get for (insert exam here)?"
"Naw, just (insert honestly low grade). You?"
"Oh, I did so badly. Just 10 times better than you."

9. We have a life outside of studying.
Contrary to popular belief, there are other things we do enjoy. Like those PE sessions. Basketball. Going to the mall on weekends. All work and no play makes us super dull anyway.

10. All of us aren't ching chang chong dong ding dong people.
Shocker of them all! Not all Chinese school kids are super fluent in Chinese (aka me), some of us are actually bananas. (Yellow on the outside, super white on the inside).
Sure, life can be pretty rough, but we wouldn't take it back. Ever.
What are some other things you used to experience (if you went to a Chinese school)? Let us know in the comments below!
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