7 Games We Used to Play in Primary School

Remember when there weren't any ipads, and we would resort to these to pass the time? Here's some of the games that we used to play in primary school.

1. Animal ChessIn some places, it is also known as "Jungle". Played with a total of 8 animals per player, the goal of the game is to reach the opponent's 'den' first. The animals, which are ranked according to hierarchy, are allowed to 'eat' the other pieces according to their rank. Some animals have special functions, such as the Rat piece, is allowed to stay in water.

2. UNO
Skip, reverse, +4 +2. If any of those sound familiar to you, you've probably played rounds and rounds of this. The goal of the game is simple enough: eliminate all your cards, and say uno when you're left with one.

3. RubbersThis was a big thing during my time. (Oh God, did I just say that?) This game was played mostly by boys. The game works this way: you have two players, two cheap erasers and you flip them. You win the game by overlapping your opponents eraser with your own. It is a pretty simple game, but it would keep you playing for hours until your thumbs were sore.

4. Scissors, Paper, Stone
Or Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whichever one your prefer. While it is a relatively simple and well-known game, there are many variations of it. How we played it was to put your foot forward every time you lose a round until you can't stretch any further. Not exactly the most comfortable of games, but it does make for a good Yoga session.

5. Paper RouletteWhile there doesn't seem to be an actual name for this game, we all know this one. You fold squares, and you pick a side each time you flip, at the very end you get a little message. Kinda like a fortune cookie. The only difference is that it's written by a 6-year-old, so the message you get may not necessarily be accurate. As an example, I once got "You are a donkey which...I'm pretty sure I'm not.

6. Eagles and Chicks
This was an activity we played during PE. You have one person (the eagle) and a line of people (the chicks), and the eagle is supposed to catch the chicks. Kinda morbid for a kids game, but it was pretty fun.

7. Snakes and Ladders

Who HASN'T played this, honestly? Ladders let you skip ahead, snakes do the opposite.

What other games did you play? Let us know in the comments below! :)
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