10 Things You Did In Primary School

Before hitting puberty, before exams, before dating, before working, take a moment to recall these 10 things that may have happened to you during your primary schooling days. (Slight note: some, if not most of these things may only apply to the 90's kids)

1. The Origami Fortune Teller.
Remember how back then everyone mastered the art of folding one of these paper fortune tellers? We'd come up of nonsensical things to write like "You will get a job as a janitor" or "You will kiss a toad one day" and laugh our heads off. I remember my friend had her crush's name written down on the origami she folded and told herself she was destined to be with him. Good times.

2. The eraser that was rumoured to be able to erase pen ink.
Liars! The blue part never erased any pen ink. Instead, it erased your paper!

3. When someone gets a nosebleed halfway through a lesson, everyone freaks out and panic.
A spontaneous nosebleed rarely happens. But when it does, all hell breaks loose and it looks as if everyone think he/she will die of blood loss and crowd around. The class monitor runs to tell the teacher and a girl will always have a packet of tissue ready to be given out. It's really a funny story if you think about it now.

4. Spreading glue all over your hands.
Glue was a lethal weapon. Someone started a nonsense rumour that if you had glue all over your hands before the teacher hits it with a cane, it hurts less. Whether it's true or not, I'm not sure because I always made sure glue was on my hands before I was punished. Also, you used to spread glue on your hands just to peel it off when it's dry. Right? Or am I the only weird one.

5. Warm ups during PE Lessons.
Whenever the teacher tells the class to get in line for a quick warm up routine, you'd automatically spread your arms wide and swing them around like an alien spaceship, hitting other kids around you either on purpose or by accident.

6. Teacher's little elf.
Whenever you were asked to pass any notes to another teacher or bring the workbooks from the teacher's desk to the classroom, you felt like you were The Chosen One to handle such an important and delicate job. Plus, it was also indirectly a pass to walk around the school without getting reprimanded.

7. Spending 80% of ICT lesson scrolling through ClipArt and deciding on WordArts.
ICT lesson was the best class ever. You get to take off your shoes and walk into a room of computers and air-conditioning. But you're always indecisive during any given projects because you need to find the perfect ClipArt and cannot decide on which WordArt to use and ended up trying all of them.

8. Sitting on benches instead of standing during photo shoots.
Whenever the teacher or photographer tells you to sit on the bench at the front together with the class monitor and class teacher, you immediately feel like royalty, as if you're the star of the show.

9. Being the first in line to walk to assembly and feeling like leading your subjects to war.
Admit it! We all felt that way once upon a time. Especially when you're in Standard 6 and you see those young little faces at the other side of the assembly hall. Macam Yes!

10. The Two-Legged Chair.
Not sure why but we all had the habit to push our chairs back and sit on it with "two legs". Occasionally when the teacher sees it, she'll tell you to sit properly and lectures the whole class about how serious it can be if someone were to fall back and hit his or her head and injure the spinal cord. It scares you for a while but by the end of the lesson you're back to this old habit.

Written by: Loong Qian Wen

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