SPM Chemistry Tips 2014 : Spotted Questions

Focus for SPM Chem 2014
#1. Understand the chem concept clearly
#2. Write complete and long answers, in chem every single word is important
#3. More application questions such as chemical use in daily life
#4. Say thanks to your school teachers :) 

The spotted questions can only help you to focus on the popular questions this year. Questions are randomly arranged, study the answers in the states papers and all the best! 

Paper 1
Calculations, heat packs, sacrificial protection, composition of alloy, use of composite material, atomic structure, carbon compound, type of plastics, compare soluble and insoluble salt, determine chemicals use in the reaction, which food addictive is use.

Paper 2
Section A
Q1 Food additives, medicine, cleansing agents
Q2 Electrolysis of halide solutions and purification, test ions
Q3 Periodic Table of Elements and changes
Q4 Factors affecting the rate of reaction
Q5 Extraction of iron and tin blast furnace, transfer of electrons at a distance
Q6 Heat of displacement,heat of neutralisation

Section B
Q7 Haber process, contact process, plastics, alloy experiment
Q8 Carbon compound, general formula, chemical properties, polymerisation

Section C
Q9  Prepare salt, dilution, compare method to prepare salts.
Q10 Empirical formula, calculations, molarity 

Paper 3
Q1 rusting, sacrifical 
Q2 rate of reaction
a. differentiate two colourless liquids
b. esterification
c. voltaic cell, u-tube
d. more updates soon.... 


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