SPM States Trial Papers 2012

Its truly a busy month for all students and teachers, many students busy cramping all their notes and facts into their brains last minute and teachers are busy preparing their students for big exams including SPM 2012. 

Every year we will compile the States Paper so that our students are updated with the latest SPM exam format and with the help of the marking scheme, they can answer accurately. They learn the answers before even seeing the questions. 

Motivational Colour Cover Page is always a must ;) 

Thanks to all the teachers, tutors and students in Malaysia who are willing to scan, upload and share the States Trial Paper with us. It took a many hours to download, check and compiled the books too, we want to compile a complete set with marking schemes so that the students will not have to waste time finding answers. 

Score A+ Additional Mathematics 

For Add Math we have total 9 states, while Chemistry and Physics only 6 states. Perak, Kedah, SBP, Melaka, Terengganu are the easiest to find, thanks to everyone who shares it. Selangor, Pahang, Pulau Pinang and Johor are more difficult.  

You can actually download it for FREE all over the internet, but we think our students can do better when we have the whole book compiled professionally for them to practice - practice - practice  and praaccctiiiceee!! 

Its for our V I P students only, but if you are interested you can contact:

Mr Yap 017 349 1512 from KeNi Printshop
Ms Soo 016 222 3598 from Print On Demand (POD)
Please SMS only


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