A Teacher in Shanghai

It was end of the year of 2010 and its the only time teachers like us are free to travel the world. So 14 days free and easy travel from Guangzhou - Changsha - Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou. China has a huge population, where ever you go, its crowded with Chinese. Everyone is so hardworking and everyone try to out smart the other. That's how China become the country that people around the world admires now, they compete fairly.

Shanghai Dan - The ones we see in movies many many time.

Shanghai Pearl Tower and its Modernized City
Changsha Restaurants that can fit 5000 seats at one time. The place itself looks like a palace. Simply magnificient.

Guangzhou New Telecommunication Tower

China now operates the fastest train in the world with 338km/h
Its like KL to Johor will only take 40 minutes.
If you are reading this, you have survived the 1st week of school.
Happy New Year 2011

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