its like a concert sometimes... = )

this is not just any tuition class that you go to. Its very unique and rare to have.
Serious Students - High Impact Teaching
- Carefully Prepared Notes

this class is full of A+ Students

this is one of my Physics-Chemistry tuition class in PTI, Sri Sinar. PTI only accepts students who are serious in studying, therefore although this class is with 72 students, but the atmosphere is quiet + serious when i'm teaching and when they are solving SPM Questions.

there's so much energy in this class which makes it sparkle like a star

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  1. woohoo~! legendary pictures. unlike our class, noisy brats. ;D

  2. u guys are not noisy. just happy a bunch

  3. PTI rocks !!!!!
    i am one of the super fan !!!!!!!!

  4. we got super fan some more! : ) lol!