Roller Coaster and Lift

For those of you who are in my 'Lift' Physics lesson, you must have enjoyed the session whereby i explain how you would feel when you sit on Genting Highlands 'Solero Shot' and what happens to you on a roller coaster ride, in split seconds you g0 through multiple weightlessness and heavier weight.

Here's the extension. The world longest and scariest roller coaster.
I wish i can be there.

Steel Dragon 2000
Height: 96.9m ---- Length: 2478.9m ---- Speed: 152.9 km/h ---- Opened: Year 2000
Dominating the skyline for miles around, Steel Dragon 2000 is Nagashima Spaland's signature attraction. As well as being the longest coaster in the world, it is also the tallest and fastest non-launched coaster.

The first giant drop if followed by two more large hills. The best part of this coaster though has to be the bunny hills on the return trip to the station. These hills are taken at high speed, providing insane amounts of airtime on every hill. Your butt will hardly touch the seat!

For a nearer and cheaper alternative
go to Berjaya Times S


Just remember the formulerh...

R = mg
when stationary/ moving at constant velocity

R = mg + ma
when moving up with an acceleration

R = mg - ma
when moving down with an acceleration
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