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The IB Physics results are surprisingly higher than what we expected.

Right after the exams in Nov 08, many were sad cos they can't do paper 2, and many complained cos they left many questions unsolved. Many teachers suggested i should fill in a form to suggest to IBO that the physics exams are too difficult. But if we take a step back and look at the big picture, we can clearly see 25 very capable Physics students wanted to achieve 7 for physics and a group of dedicated teachers who wanted their students to score 7 in all subjects. The results came out in 5th Jan 09....

We have 25 Physics students

9 students scoring a 7 - 36%

9 students scoring a 6 - 36%

4 students scoring a 5 - 16%

3 students scoring a 4 - 12%

.......... not bad huh

After days of analysis and many meetings and many more discussions we found out why...

1. IA's (Internal assessment) that needs to be send to Mr. Wilson in Ukraine for marking, really help them a lot. most of the IAs were only moderated down 1 or 2 marks for HL and moderated up for SL. That's the main reason why Aaron, Hafiz and Syed got a 6 for physics.

2. The past examinations questions were really helpful, from my observations most who scored 7 in HL did a lot of questions from year 2002 to 2008, non-stop, since the day we finished the syllabus 3 months before the external exams. They did a lot of thinking. That's the reason why Ikhwan got a 6 for Physics.

3. Mr. Masukor, he's like the fatherly typed guardian angel to the students, and a very experienced physicist too. Ms. Ellie Chuah, giving me all the right suggestions for IAs.

Hope you guys enjoy my lessons and my whacky but inspiring ways of teaching.

Thanks you guys for your Thank You Teacher Cards, Facebook msgs and e-mails. You are most welcome.
Special thanks to Yvonne Lai, Agnes and Khairul.
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