Year 2008 - Before it ends

It's been the most exciting and challenging year of my life. Let's track back year 2008.....

Started SMASH ...... a very interesting entity, people come to us for street dance lessons, popping, breakdance, new jazz, new school hip hop and kickboxing.

Congrats to Chriz and Elecoldxhot (ECX) as they are now officially in the Finals of Astro Battleground 2008. Super cool! Keep it up guys!

Sell off my shares in Pusat Tuisyen Berjaya in Kota Damansara cos my partner scams money. I did learn a lot from this start-up as i did most of the work from A to Z, from logo design to the whole operation of the centre. It's alright, there's always an opportunity to start another.
My highest number of students in a single class is 71 in 2008... Physics class in PTI.

SMASH awarded Youth Friendly Company 2008 by AYA. That's me on the left and Dhinu on the right, he travels to deep places in East Timor to build schools. Btw, the durian shaped trophy is super heavy. 
Got to be on NST the next day. 

And then The STAR the next few days = ) Not bad for a tutor huh?
Astro Interview. The interview was quick, the guy holding the papers.. he's the one asking all the funny questions, and the guy in white and red stripes.. he's the one in charge of the crew. 

2 journalists from The STAR wanted to check us out, took some great pictures of us and the next day all of us got to be in R.AGE by the STAR. 

I got to be on National TV. Yah! NTV7 Breakfast Show, everyone must be either sleeping or working that time. If anyone sees me on TV pls leave a msg in the chatbox, i really like to know. 
It was fun, and guess what? the whole set was in TV3 lobby and newsroom is super high tech. 

My 1st Surprise Birthday Party with my 'sons' cos they call me 'daddy'. Thanks guys. 
Sigh 27 already.

2nd surprise birthday party with my SMKB and SMTBM students. This is the first time i've 2 surprise parties. Its good to know most of them scoring 85% to 100% in their finals exams.

4 hours later i was packing my bags to fulfill one of my lifelong dream .... a backpack trip to europe. After a long flight which i need to transit for 5 hours in Dubai, I end up in Rome, Italy. 

then Florence, Pisa, Verona, Venice (very beautiful), Milan, Laguna, Dusselldorf, Berlin, Dubai... 
Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!, Let's hope the global financial crisis will not hit Malaysians as badly in the year 2009.

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