My 68 Students

Must be looking like a seminar class to you, but it's my usual physics class in Sri Sinar. A bunch of very humble and hard working students. Sometimes a bit too sarcastic.

You see the guy at the bottom right corner, that's the naughty one.

It's not so calm all the time, don't get fooled by the picture.

You see the guy in the blue shirt with a 'S' in front, = ), we think he's gay.

That's my precious notes. SPM 6.7, just finished the chapter with Electromagnetic Waves. After this session my studs can
1. Explode microwave oven using 1 EGG
2. Create mini fireworks in the microwave oven using a SPOON
3. How to murder themselves using X-Ray
4. Why handphones can cause infertility
5. Fluorescent lights in the class room can tanned their skin.

= ) Physics!
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